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Eilean Donan Castle sits at the point where three Scottish Lochs Meet, Scotland's Most Romantic Castle. In a superbly beautiful and romantic setting, Eilean Donan Castle possesses a dream like quality.

The most photographed castle in the world? Certainly Eilean Donan is Scotland's most romantic and recognizable. Although the island of Eilean Donan has been a fortified site for at least eight hundred years, the present building dates largely from the early 20th century. Today's castle, which rose from the ruins of it's predecessor, was rebuilt between 1912 and 1932 by Lieutenant Colonel John MacRae-Gilstrap. 

Eilean Donan is quite unique, the product of an incredible feat of determination and devotion to restore the Castle for the MacRae family. It is hard to believe that the present castle has yet to celebrate its 100 birthday, but easy to be absorbed by the atmosphere of a place which has stood witness to so much history.