Eilean Donan Castle - Scotland's Most Romantic Castle

conner.jpg (14190 bytes) left: during the shooting of Highlander in May 1985.

Eilean Donan and it's magnificent setting draws visitors from the world over, but for those who have not experienced the magical reality they have almost certainly seen the castle in a myriad of guises on the big and small screens. Most famous, perhaps, is the castle's role in Highlander starring Sean Connery and Christopher Lambert.

But there is also Loch Ness with Ted danson, The Master of Ballintrae with Errol Flynn or perhaps you may have seen it in a Bond movie? And nationally, for how long will we remember the Avengers, the BBC balloon drifting over the island or The Clothes Show wedding of the year in 1998. Eilean Donan will undoubtedly continue in it's starring role.

   right: Even James Bond 007 could not stay away in 1999.bond.jpg (10724 bytes)


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